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Clearing out more dolls and stock clothing. UPDATED 2012.5.7

UPDATE- 2012.5.07: All packages are going out today and tomorrow. Thank you for your patience over the Golden Week holiday. If you have not received your tracking number (if ordered) after tomorrow, please email me and I will make sure I have sent the email with the tracking number. Thank you!

Sorry I have been away for a few days, everyone. I've been real sick these past three days, so I apologize for the slow responses. Please be patient while I get to everyone. Thank you

IMPORTANT UPDATE!! all of the items have been updated with the first requesters. I WILL BE HOLDING ITEMS FOR ONLY 24 HOURS MORE! If I have not had a decimate purchase from you before that time is up, I have to move to the next person in line.

To the person sending me emails about the Taeyang bodies: Your email account has been bouncing back all of your messages every time I try to respond. I cannot email you. Either use a different email (but include the original email name) or comment here. I cannot sell if I cannot get information from and to you. This is why I put the item back up for sale.

ADDED MORE PRICES! All still OBO but this gives you an idea of around what I'm looking for.

If you want to speak privately, feel free to email ( chyuko.rock @ gmail . com )
All shipping from Japan. Please provide your country and state (if applicable) for shipping quotes.
Gmail eats comments and messages sometimes, or they get accidentally skipped. If you think I have missed yours, go ahead and resend or let me know.
I ship Mondays and Fridays. You can see your status HERE.
I take PayPal in Japanese yen only.
Not looking to trade unless for MSD items (especially wigs or unique items/heads/etc).

All items MAKE OFFER ( or ask on several). Some may have suggested prices.
Nit willing to break up full sets unless there are buyers for all pieces.

Full stock Taeyang Seiran samurai. MAKE OFFER.

Also including a piece of tatami mat. Stand is purple. Weapons tucked in belt. Will not separate pieces.

Taeyang Maguna- stock doll, different eye chips. No wig. 4500yen

Taeyang White Rabbit- stock doll. Stock clothing also available. 6000yen. Head only- 5000y obo

Slight mods to wig.

Taeyang MJ- stock doll, no wig. SOLD

Taeyang Butler- stock face and body. No eye mech (only globes). 3000yen SOLD

Hidenobu - far right. Custom face-up. Removed eye chips. No wink bars. 3000yen. HEAD only- 2500y.
Unknown- between Hidenobu and Butler- stock face-up with small additions. 4000y OBO. HOLD Aliera K.

Taeyang bodies-

600y Legs very loose, stained from undies. No feet. SOLD Annie C.
500y obo Torso only, no forearms or forelegs
800y Full body, slightly tan. Two left feet. SOLD. Shannon F.
800y Full body, torso and arms blushed (needs redoing). Stained hands. SOLD Annie C.
800y White Obitsu, magnet feet. Unsure if I still have the base. No inside neck piece

Volks/Obitsu- MAKE OFFER

21cm male white SOLD. Asia K.
Volks Muscular, tattooed male 27cm (white?) current offer-2000y. SOLD Shannon F.
Volks female tan (natural?).
Volks NEW-ED Type D. Never used. Includes soft head & accessories.

Extra Pullip bodies - darkest to lightest. 400yen each. I also have many extra parts if you need them. Just ask!
*Naah-ato body SOLD

All type 3

Stock Clothing- (some complete, some not, sold As Is)
Taeyang Tantus 2500y obo

Pullip Rosen Maiden Shinku. Current offer: 3800y (RT) HOLD- awaiting payment

Taeyang Cavalier. 2500y

Pullip Naah-aho 2000y

Pullip Dita. 2500y. Obo

Dal Edge- some discoloration (sun?). 1500y obo

Pullip Kirsche. 2500y

Taeyang Rayne (check Misc stock for pants. I forgot who's were who's). 1000y obo (breaking up ok)

Pullip Uncanricky 2500y. SOLD- awaiting payment. G.S.

Taeyang Horizon (h.Naoto). 2100y offer HOLD Sara B.

Pullip Aquel. 1500y 1200y SOLD uchiha_shiori

Misc. Stock.

300y Namu Fei glasses
150y Rozen Maiden boots.
400y. new Obitsu sneakers
150y. Rovam pirate bag
150y. Dal Hangry choker necklace
300y. Lead guitar case
300y. EOS steampunk staff
200y. Taeyang pants. SOLD Annie C.

150y. Edward pleather top SOLD Annie C.
200y. Rayne pleather pants. SOLD Annie C.
50y. Ala stockings. SOLD Annie C.
200y. Taeyang zipper pants. HOLD.Annie C.
100y. Tezka mini hat SOLD
200y. Nero coat/dress.
300y. Evangelian school dress

500y KunKun Shinku Rozen Maiden plush dog.SOLD pullippassion
150y. Purple Nomado pleather pants. HOLD Ekateryn R.
500y Ala white dress. SOLD pullippassion
150y. Crazia plaid skirt. HOLD. Ekateryn R.
100y. Dal tights (some discoloration). HOLD. Ekateryn R. ; nemrak_goncho ; Annie C.
50y. Pullip tights (open seam). HOLD pullippassion

100y. Shinku bloomers (mild staining) SOLD Annie C.
100y. Saras red pants. SOLD Annie C.
150y. Tezka plaid skirt. SOLD pullippassion
100y. Shinku soft red bow
100y. Shinku soft red collar
100y. Shinku underskirt (heavy yellowing). SOLD Annie C.

300y. Kain HellcatPunk baret
300y. Kain HellcatPunk hip bag
150y. Taeyang black pants. SOLD. Annie C
200y. Taeyang pants with straps. SOLD. Annie C.
250y. Missionary long soft coat SOLD Shannon F.

Stock or Pullip brand shoes. Or best offer (OBO).

250y. Uncanricky high boots. HOLD Aliera K.
150y. Rayne loafers. HOLD Aliera K.
200y. Pullip brand red checker sneakers. SOLD pullippassion
200y. Running shoes
150y. Blk/wht Tezka low boots. SOLD pullippassion
100y. Saras gold boots SOLD Annie C.
200y. Horizon high boots. HOLD fer_mrt ; Annie C. ; Aliera K.
250y. Richt high boots. SOLD pullippassion
50y. Pullip white boots (stained). HOLD Aliera K.
250y. Taeyang high boots. SOLD Annie C.

Misc. Mini Stock. 800y SOLD. Annie C.

Handmade Dresses and sets (note- handbags and shoes not handmade). Make offer
Icecream dress is SOLD, all others available

Handmade MSD dresses- all zipper closure in back.

Dreaming Doll Airi modeled- 1500y OBO

Zipper closure, all edges treated. Tight fit (please me careful).

Hujoo Dana modeled- 1500y OBO

Zipper closure, all edges treated.

Allegorica- Evelyn modeled (slim MSD)- 1500y OBO

Zipper closure, all edges treated.

Wigs- stock and non. Make offer

Taeyang Tantus yellow- 100y
Pullip maroon- 100y.
Pullip brown- 200y. HOLD Aliera K.
White curly (some brand)- 500y. SOLD Annie C.
Pullip Blanche- 200y. SOLD Annie C.

Hangry neon yellow- 100y
Red/blk fur wig- 200y
Taeyang Hook- 150y
Nomado w/cap- 200y SOLD Annie C.

Pullip Kirsche- 500y. HOLD. Aliera K.
Pullip Saras- 200y
Pullip Naah-ato - 200y
Pullip Adsiltia- 200y
Pullip stock cut brown- 100y.
Dal Lipoca-300y

Aqua blue curly- 800y.
Yellow blond curly-800y.
Brown curly-800y.

Pink fur wig- 100y
Grey mix messy- 100y
Tiny grey mini wig-50y
Rozen maiden Pullip wig- 100y.

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