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All packages receive at least one free random gift!!

500yen Large cream Santa Rilakkuma
500yen Medium cream Cow Rilakkuma. Pull tail to vibrate.
100yen Small Winnie the Pooh in Leopard suit

500yen Large Black Gloomy w/white claws. Posable limbs
500yen Large Grey Fuzzy Gloomy
100yen Medium Red Frog Soldier

500yen Large White/Silver Santa Killer Gloomy. Hand shakes bloody bag
500yen Large Cream Chef Gloomy w/ hat and hot cakes
1500yen Medium old school X JAPAN HIDE

500yen Large Floppy Tarepanda, slight stain but not noticeable
500yen Large Pink Gloomy w/ Pitakun. Shakes Pitakun
500yen Large Grey Bloody Gloomy arm. Very soft

600yen Large Hangry Angry Hospital Plush
1200yen Large X JAPAN HIDE plush
600yen Large Hangry Angry in Dog suit Plush

400yen HARROD's Daisy Bear

75yen Pink Post Pet
50yen hamster
1100yen Re-Ment Hinayana Doll set (ask for close-up pictures)
50yen Mushroom
100yen cream Rilakkuma 1
100yen ginger Capybara-San 1

400yen Naruto Push
400yen 2 Cinnamonroll set (attached)
300yen Large Monokuro Boo (black)
300yen Large Monokuro Boo (white)

100yen USaHaNa Sailor Rabbit (Sanrio)
100yen Monkey cube
100yen Cat ball
150yen 'seal lion' Seal in a lion suit, very soft
100yen small soft baby red Gloomy
100yen Small Snoopy

300yen Playstation character strap set (1 strap, 4 mascots)
100yen Pink Rabbit beanbag
100yen Minnie Mouse (Tokyo Disney land)
100yen Forest Friends wooden Rabbit mascot keychain
100yen Purple Capybara-San mascot
100yen Pink Bloody Gloomy arm mascot
150yen Choco Cake bath towel
150yen White cake bath towel
150yen White cupcake bath towel

800yen Red Bento set- 2 tier, mini chopsticks, matching obi belt
1000yen Yellow Bento set- 2 tier, mini chopsticks, obi belt, mini fork
300yen Mouse Bento- snap closure, 2 tier

200yen Dark Blue Bento Bag
200yen Blue flower Bento Bag
200yen Pink Bento Wrap
200yen Strawberry Bento Bag
100yen each Rabbit Bento obi belts
100yen Pink charm bento obi belt

50yen fringe handbag
50yen set of two magnetic heart bookmarks, unused
200yen TarePanda potato strap and charm
200yen Yellow Bento bag
50yen Hello Kitty figurine (no stickers)
150yen Hello Kitty set baggie snaps

500yen Disney IKSPIARI Anniversary Pin set
100yen metal deco pen case
300yen MUMIN strap, charm, button set
200yen Parrapa the Rappa keychain set
300yen Astro Boy strap
50yen cloth pocket tissue holder
100yen Winnie the Pooh pocket towel

100yen EACH

100yen EACH

100yen EACH

100yen EACH

100yen EACH Pepsi Top GUNDAM figures

Feel free to make reasonable offers on 4 or more Items.
No trades at this time, unless for BJD items.
All items shipped from JAPAN.
Choice of EMS, Registered Airmail, Airmail, Registered SAL, SAL
Please provide State and Country for accurate shipping quotes.
All prices in Japanese Yen. For conversion rates, please see this website, or others like it.
Do not ask for conversion rates from me.
PAYPAL (any type) preferred, though domestic bank transfer is also available for Japanese residents (ゆうちょ銀行と千葉銀行と三菱UFJ)
Feel free to comment or email ( ) but please
DO NO SEND PMs. I never receive notifications and will not respond.

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