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Taeyang Lead NRFB, Pullip Afternoon MIB, Custom Pullips and stock

NRFB Lead Taeyang, MIB Afternoon Pullip, Zuora custom+

So, after a wonderfully successful NaNoWriMo last month, I've decided to enter Script Frenzy this April. The story I have chosen, I have also decided to make dolls out of the characters. After Much thought, I have settled on MSDs instead of my initial idea of Pullips/Taeyangs, and thus, I am selling off a number of my other dolls to help pay off my MSDs on order.

If you need info on other currencies, please see here:
Or other similar online conversion websites.

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First up, a feeler for my NRFB Taeyang Lead MAKE OFFER

As you can see from the pics, he has never been opened, never removed from box. There is a little tape on the front window from where the store I bought him at had taped their sticker price for him, but other than that, the box is also in good condition. the last picture, I tried to show the sticker seal, but I'm not sure it will show very well.
I am not willing to sell him separate from stock unless all or most items have confirmed, for sure buyers.

Feeler for Pullip Afternoon MIB (Mint In Box) MAKE OFFER

Very beautiful, full stock doll. Only pushed down her plastic to be able to view her gorgeous face-up. Doll never removed from bindings. All stock still secured inside box and never removed. Box also in very good condition, though buyer can choose to have her shipped in a different box if desired.
She is one of my personal favorites, so I am not looking for a cheap, quick sale. I will only sell her separate from stock if their are confirmed, for sure buyers for all or at least most of the pieces.


T3custom Zuora by me. Fully working eye mech and lids (repaired), tho a little sticky sometimes. She has original eye chips and can include the handmade dress, by me, and shoes.
Head Only- 3500y
Nude Doll- 4000y
Doll + dress and shoes- 5000y


T2 custom by me. Working eye mech but no wink bars because eye lids are glued (not real, as they were broken). Can include Zephyre wig, shoes and Azone clothing as well. Her eye chips are originally Nomado.
Head only- 3500y
Nude Doll- 4000y
Doll + Wig- 5000y
Doll, Wig + Azone OF +shoes- 6000y

Naah-ato stock 2000 yen obo

Includes couch, pants, top attached to choker, head scarf, jewelry, arm sleeves and lamp.
All in Like New condition, as they came right off the doll and into a plastic bag.

All items shipped from Japan.
All currencies must be sent via PayPal or bank transfer, must be in Japanese yen, unless otherwise worked out.
Packages can be sent via EMS, Airmail, Sal, with or without tracking (Registration). However, I cannot be responsible for lost or damaged packages not sent with tracking.
Shipping can sometimes be slow, but I try to send out within 1week from payment received.
Shipping only on Mondays and Fridays, due to increased work schedule.

Not really interested in trading unless for MSD items, specifically if able to be used in steampunk or Victorian fashion.

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