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Jen Fukuzawa

Grades of Item Condition and Return Policy

We are sorry to hear you are having a problem with you purchase. However, let us work together to fix it!

Here are a few guidelines to our Returns Policies:

Generally, ANY item (esp. recordable audio/video media) that is purchased through Chyuko Rock is sold AS IS and is considered non-refundable, except in special cases. Unless otherwise noted, all items listed are USED, or at least previously owned. Therefore, in some cases, there maybe be physical wear on the item such as minor scratches, stains, rips, tears, bends, folds, etc. For these reasons we have developed a rating system for each item. Sometimes, a single item can have more than one rating. For example, a magazine or CD may have a different rating from the inside contents (pages or lyric booklet & CD). If there is not a significant difference, then an item will only have 1 rating for the whole package.


NEW- Brand new item, never played. Perfect condition. Possibly factory sealed.

LIKE NEW - Looks Brand New in every way accept it possibly opened.

EXCELLENT -Condition is perfect in almost every way.

GREAT - A very minor amount of wearing.

VERY GOOD - Possibly 2-3 scratches or bends in paper

GOOD - 4 or more bends or scratches, tears or holes.

FAIR - Item may have scratches on discs or bends and tears in the accessories.


Note: Unless cracked, wearing on plastic jewel cases is not considered in the rating process. If you feel the wearing on the case is undesired, a replacement case can be provided for a 100Y fee. You MUST request this in your order. Scratches on cases are too easily made and cases replaceable without damage to the items value.

If you feel an item has been misrepresented, then please contact us. You have 7 days from the ETA of the item to file a claim. Additional photos of our items are always available upon request.

Some items have optional accessories. Usually that means that an accessory is damaged and may not be shown in the picture, but if you want it anyway, you MUST ask for it in your order email. If you do not ask for it, it Will Not be included.

All used items are tested before they are sent out, at LEAST once. Regardless of condition, ALL items play perfectly without skipping. However, especially in the case of some DVDs, certain players have difficulties playing them. Most often we will test the items on computers to avoid this, but we CANNOT guarantee your player will be completely compatible with all types of media bought overseas. Unless otherwise noted, all DVDs are ALL REGION or REGION 1 (North America), though even this sometimes gives players problems (because they are still encoded overseas, there are slight variations within the encoding process). If you are having difficulties playing a DVD (or in rarer cases CDs as well) try using a computer and using VLC PLAYER. This program will open almost any audio or video recording. If you are still having difficulties, try updating all of your drivers and codecs.

If for some reason you STILL cannot get a disc to play, it is possible to receive an Even exchange or 50% Credit, but money refunds are NOT available. Please email us with the claim and we will open an active dialogue. You will be assigned a Claims # and your information logged. Please note, a file can ONLY be claimed ONCE per person, except in extreme circumstances. This is to ensure that people do not purchase recordable items, copy them, then return them. If possible with an exchange, we will find an identical copy of the item ordered in equal or greater condition.

We are NOT responsible for shipping mishaps. If you are concerned about your item(s) during transit, then you MUST request the purchase of insurance to cover the item(s). You can also request Shipping Confirmation, Signature Confirmation, etc, all depending on the country or origin. All these services require additional fees. You have a choice in shipping. The Cheaper the shipping, the Longer it takes to reach you. Generally, the longer the shipping time, the more chance that something might happen to your order. It rarely happens these days, but it DOES still happen. If a significant amount of time has passed over the ETA for your item(s), please contact us. If your package arrives significantly damaged, and you fear the contents are damaged as well, DO NOT accept the package. Have it immediately returned to us (Return to Sender) and we will take care of it. This protects YOU. It is more difficult to claim damages once a package has been opened.

We are Not responsible for selection mistakes. If you are unsure that an item (i.e. Artists on CDs/DVS, etc) is one you are looking for, please contact us BEFORE placing your order. We have extensive knowledge on all of the items we carry, and a plethora of additional resources available to us beyond that. Once your order is confirmed, you cannot change it.

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