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Japanese Rock/Pop Magazines (shipped from Japan)

Dir en grey --- Gackt --- hide (X Japan) --- J (ex. Luna Sea) --- Kagraa, --- Lolita23q --- Luna Sea --- Psycho'le Cemu --- Straghtener --- T.M. Revolution --- Yasu (Acid Black Cherry/La'cryma Christi)

Dir en grey
($15) Zappy Jan 2005 In Good condition. Comes with 2 separate, double sided posters, still attached inside. One of Dir en grey (similar to cover but not the same), and the other of Aya Ueto. Also feat: Pierrot, TMR, W-inds, Janne Da Arc, J, Mucc, Lead, Zone, etc.
($8) bounce #305 (Tower Records Japan) 110pgs. Also feat: Kyoko Koizumi, Guns n' Roses, High Five, Tortured Soul, Lisa Yamaguchi, T-Pain, DJ Kentaro, Kanye West, Saori@destiny, Ami Suzuki, etc. TONS of CD reviews, tour dates, etc.

($12) Arena37c no.256 Jan'04 Inside Preview 1, Inside Preview 2. Very Good condition. Small bend in front cover and tiny tear on back cover edge. 20 pages of Gackt, also feat: TMR, Miyavi, Orange range, PaniCrew, w-inds, Pierrot, Makoto, Pierrot, etc.
($10) Fool's Mate 2'06 Good condition, no poster. Mainly barbed wire/rose photoshoot. Also feat: Pierrot, Miyavi, Gazette, SID, Mucc, Vidoll, etc.

hide (X Japan)
($15) Arena 37c. no.195, 12'98 very old, cover worn on the edges from handling. All pages in perfect condition. Comes with Siame Shade stickers. Also feat: Siam Shade, La'cryma Christi, Luna Sea, Malice Mizer, Glay, Pierrot, Dir en grey, TMR, Iceman, etc.

J (ex.Luna Sea)
($10) UV (Ultra Veat) vol. 18, 1997. also feat: Luna Sea, Glay, Gunwin Tools, Zeppet Store, Cascade etc. No poster.

Kagraa,-- Nightmare
($12) SHOXX 3'07 vol. 169 in GREAT condition. Comes with large, double sided poster; Kagraa on one side, Nightmare on the reverse side. Also feat: A9, Gazette, Vidoll, D, LMC, Kra, Mucc, AN CAfe, Plastic Tree, etc.

($15) he'vn- no.026 Oct.'06 PERFECT condition! 44 page, glossy magazine, also feat: Wizard, 176BIZ, Dolly, Juliadoll, Girugamesh, Sadie, etc. INCLUDES: large An Cafe poster, DVD & Lolita23q postcard.

Luna Sea
($15) Ongaku to Hito (音楽と人) vol.63, Apr'99 also feat: Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, the Yellow Monkey, TMR, Cascade, Pierrot, etc.

Psycho'le Cemu
($15) Arena37c no.253 Oct'03 Inside Preview 1, Inside Preview 2. Excellent condition! 20 pages of PLC. Also feat: Orange Range, baroque, TMR, Dir en grey, Miyavi, Gackt, Pierrot, Sugizo, Sex Machineguns, Takui, Globe, etc.

($3) Great Hunting 14 page mini mag. Feats also: 9mm Parabellum Bullet, Natsumen, Nemotroubolter, JACKS, Kunami, PoPayans, Acidman, Fujifabric, Super Butter Dog, etc.

($12) Arena37c no.263 AUG'04 Inside Preview 1, Inside Preview 2. Excellent, Like New condition. 26pgs of TMR. Also feat: Gackt (6th Day 7th Night live photos), Dir en grey, Miyavi, Baroque, Janne Da Arc, Takui, Kagerou, Kagraa, Shulla, Nightmare, etc.

Yasu/Acid Black Cherry/Janne Da Arc
($12) Fool's mate 8'07 In Good condition. Feats fold out pages of An Cafe, plus photos/setlists from JRock Revolution. Also feat: Gazette, Alice nine, Angelo, D'espairsRay, D, Mucc, etc.

Shipped from Japan:

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