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Japanese Rock/Pop CDs (shipped from Japan)

Abingdon Boys School --- Angelo --- Acid Black Cherry --- ALvino --- Blam Honey --- BoA --- Bonnie Pink --- Buck-Tick --- Cascade --- Cynthia --- Dasein --- DAS:VASSER --- Die in Cries --- Eliphas Levi --- Gackt --- Hakuei --- hide --- Hyde --- J (ex. Luna Sea) --- Janne Da Arc --- JILS --- Justy Nasty --- Kagraa, --- Kagraa,/Due'le Quartz/ASH --- Kitade, Nana --- Kuroyume --- La'cryma Christi --- L'Arc~en~Ciel --- Luna Sea --- Machine --- Malice Mizer --- Missaline Rei --- Mr. Children --- Mucc --- Nakashima, Mika (NANA) --- Orugoru --- Penicillin --- Pierrot ---Ring & Lagna --- Sadie (サヂィ) --- SADS --- Sakurai, Atsushi --- Schwein --- Sex Machineguns --- Siam Shade --- Tommy February --- TMNetwork --- Transtic Nerve --- The TRAX --- Tsuchiya, Anna --- Unicorn --- vellaDonna --- Viored --- With Sexy --- X Japan --- The Yellow Monkey --- Zilch--- Zwei

Abingdon Boys School:
($10) HOWLING 2 track Maxi Single [07/5/16] Includes Large Sticker. Slim case. Great condition.

Acid Black Cherry:
($15) Spell Magic 2 track single, 2007. EXCELLENT condition! Comes w/ booklet, 2 adverts/fliers, ABC sticker and obi.

($12) この手紙… 3 track maxi single. Comes with Jun card (size od CD case).

($12) Winter Moon 2 track Maxi Single CD plus 1 track (live @ Zepp Tokyo 06.11.27) DVD [07/2/28] LIKE NEW condition

Blam Honey:
($15) Typical Ingeniousness~suggest~ 9 track Full Album [99/8/25] Special fold-out lyric booklet. Includes obi and Band Member Trading Card. LIKE NEW condition

BoA (Korean):
($10) Do the Motion Very Good condition. 6 track Mini Album. Comes with obi. Japanese Edition.

Bonnie Pink:
($10) Love is a Bubble 4 track maxi single. Comes with obi and fold out advert DVD advert.

($18) Seventh Heaven Very Good condition, 10 track Full Album [88/6/21]
($18) 殺シノ調ベ ~This is NOT Greatest Hits~ Very Good condition, 14 track Full Album [92/3/21]
($18) Hurry Up Mode Very Good condition, 11 track Full Album [90/2/08] Includes oversized extra photo booklet and clear slipcover.
($18) SEXUALXXXXX! Good condition, 10 track Full Album [87/11/21]
($18) 悪の華 Very Good condition. 10 track Full Album [90/4/01]
($15) TABOO Good condition, some wearing. 10 track Full Album [89/1/18]
($20) 狂った太陽 Excellent condition! 11 track Full Album [91/2/21] Includes 6 cellophane art cards, plastic obi, smaller paper obi and clear slipcover.
($18) Darker Than Darkness-style 93- Excellent condition, some wearing on case alone. 10 track Full Album [93/6/23]
($18) Romanesque Great condition. 5 track Mini Album [88/3/21]
($18) Sexy StreamLiner Excellent condition. 12 track Full Album [97/12/10] Includes obi and special grey/clear case with white symbol etched on the front.
($8) Gensou no Hana (幻想の花) Great condition! [2003.12.03]
($8) Sasayaki (囁き) Great Condition! [1998.03.11]
($8) (月世界) Moon World Great Condition! [1998]

($8) Dance Capricco First Press. 4 track Maxi Single [99/10/27] Cardboard case. Like New condition.

Cynthia (Psychological Stimulation):
($12) Sensuous Very good condition. 3 track Maxi Single. Limited release of 3,000 copies. [1999/10/01]

Dasein: (RAP/Sex Machineguns)
($10) 走馬灯 2 track Maxi Single [03/10/8] Includes Obi. Like New condition.

($15) 3 track Maxi Single [99/9/29] Includes full obi. Produced by Matina. Like New condition.

Die in Cries: (Saver Tiger/D'erlanger/The Mad Capsule Markets/Creature/L'Arc~en~Ciel/BUG/Zi:Kill)
($12) NODE- First Press Edition 8 total tracks, Full Album [92/9/23] 2 Disc set, oversized case. Great Condition.
($10) Visage 11 track Full Album [92/3/11] Good condition, minor wearing.
($10) Classic Avenueの飛べない鳩 10 track Full Album [93/12/1] Very Good condition.

Eliphas Levi:
($18) 冷たいアトリエの魔術師 Excellent, Like New! 5 track Mini Album [99/3/25] Comes with textured obi, outer 'Enamell' label slipcover, special turquoise-blue CD case and an extra, 3 page plastic picture booklet.

($18) MOON (First Press) Inside Preview 1, Inside Preview 2. Excellent condition! 11 track Full Album [2002/6/19] Includes slipcover, story/track-list insert and special, thick cardboard case with 13 pages or beautiful photography.
($15) Mizerable -First press Edition Cardboard Case with pages of pictures and lyrics. Beautiful artwork. Excellent condition, very minor wear
($8) Todokanai Ai to Shitteita no ni Osaekirezu ni Aishitsuzuketa... (届カナイ愛ト知ッテイタノニ抑エキレズニ愛シ続ケタ・・・ 4 track maxi-single (coupled with Noesis). 2005 GREAT condition. Booklet is textured. Comes with advert/flier.
($8) Wasurenai Kara (忘れないから) 3 track single, 2002. CD in GREAT condition. Booklet is fragile (wants to seperate). Also pearly colored.
($8) Secret Garden 3 track single. EXCELLENT condition. Comes with Obi. 2000
($8) Another World 3 track single, 2001. Comes with booklet and inner, plastic, orange booklet cover.
($8) Oasis 4 track Maxi Single [00/2/16] Includes obi. Like New condition.
($8) Mirror 3 track Maxi Single [00/2/09] Comes with obi.Like New condition.
($8) Tsuki no Uta (月の詩) Maxi single [03/6/11] Comes with CD case-sized Gackt postcard. Excellent condition.
($8) Metamorphoze~メタモルフォーゼ 2 Disc Maxi CD/DVD set, 5 tracks total. Comes with 2005 Live Tour schedule. Excellent condition.
($8) 鶺鴒-sekiray- 3 track Maxi Single [00/3/08] Includes obi.Like New condition.
($8) 君のためにできること/Cube 3 track Maxi Single [01/3/14] Includes obi.
($8) 野に咲く花のように 5 track Mini Album [07/2/7]

Hakuei (Penicillin/Machine):
($15) Angel Trip Very Good condition. 10 Full Album [96/10/28] Special black CD case with cardboard slipcover. Comes with extra photo booklet.

($18) In Motion First Press Edition. Great condition; minor wear from store sticker. 4 track Maxi Single [02/7/10] Limited release in a soft case, lyrics printed under CD.
($15) Hi-Ho/Good Bye Very Good condition, minor wearing. 4 track Maxi Single [96/12/18] Includes discography advert, obi, large round sticker and smaller, Psyence A Go Go sticker. Slim case.
($25 or offer) Tribute Spirits Excellent Condition! (NEVER opened, still in original packaging!! Retail- Y3,150, still with sticker)
($15) Ja,Zoo Regular edition.comes w/ booklet, obi, and second inner clear sheet for 'shadows' on cover.

($10) Countdown Great condition; minor wearing on case. 3 track Maxi Single [05/10/05]
($10) Horizon Great condition. 2 track Maxi Single [03/11/06] Slim case.
($7) Evergreen in Special Ed. coffin case (small crack tho on cover) otherwise Great condition!

J (ex Luna Sea):
($12) Pyromania Good condition; minor wear on case. 14 track Full Album [97/7/24]

Janne Da Arc:
($10) will~地図にない場所~ Good condition; booklet has separated at perforation. 2 track Maxi Single [00/7/26] Includes obi. Slim case.
($12) 月光花 Great condition, wearing on case alone. 3 track Maxi Single [05/1/19]

($12) Passing E.P. RARE [02.3.20] EP. GREAT condition, only minor wear on CD. Obi and Booklet included.

Justy Nasty:
($10) すべてをこの夜に 5 track Mini Album [90/11/25]. Excellent condition.
($10) RAIN 9 track Album [92/7/25]. Great condition.
($10) Send No More Roses 10 track Full Album [93/5/21]. Good condition.
($10) Eden no Kajitsu 11 track Full Album [94/3/24] Includes obi. Very Good Condition.
($10) *LOVE* -First Press Edition 2 Disc Album set [89/11/29] 11 tracks total in soft case, silver and textured. Great condition, only minor wear.

($15) 4 track maxi single in fold out cardboard case. Minor wearing on the edges of the case, but otherwise good. 2004

Kagraa/Due'le Quartz/ASH
($30) WARNING!!! VERY RARE 2 track Maxi Single [01.8.16] Released after or during the TRIBAL ARIVALL Tour (8.16.01-8.27.01) with Kagraa, Due'le Quart, Ash and Hydra by PS Company.Includes lyrics to Track #1 WARNING!! only. Like New condition.

($10) Feminism 14 track Full Album [98/5/27] Like New condition.
($12) Cruel RARE! in Great Condition! In special fold out box w/ booklet.
($18) 生きていた中絶児... 2nd Mini Album! 1992, 6 tracks.
($18) 中絶 1st Mini Album! 1992, 3 tracks. comes with obi.

La'cryma Christi:
($10) Lime Rain 4 track maxi single, very minor scratching to CD. Plays perfectly.
($10) LIFE: 4 Track Maxi Single [00/11/22] Slim Case. Excellent Condition.
($18) Sculpture of Time 10 Track Full Album [97/11/12] In special case with symbol etched on cover. Lyric booklet folds out to poster.

($15) Stay Away (FIRST PRESS) 4 track maxi single ion special, plastic textured fold-out case. Lyrics on special, CD shaped paper under CD. Excellent condition.
($12) TRUE 10 track Full Album [96/12/12] Sakura as drummer
($12) HEART 10 track Full Album [98/2/25] Includes obi

Luna Sea:
($15) EDEN 11 track Full Album [93/4/21] Great Condition.
($18) STYLE 1st Press Edition with special black, engraved case. Good condition. Some wearing.

Machine (Hakuei & Kiyoshi):
($15) Captain Sonic Tune 14 track Full Album [99/4/21] Great Condition.
($18) 010 ZERO-ONE-ZERO 5 track mini album. CD and contents in EXCELLENT condition. Comes with booklet, flier and 2 hologram cards!!

Malice Mizer:
($40) Memoire EXREMELY RARE 7 track Mini Album [1994] Tetsu (as vocalist) era. Includes "Memoire DX Visual Story Booklet" and cardboard slipcover. Excellent condition! Minor wearing on slipcover. FAKE wearing on booklet (to look older).
($30) Voyage ~sans retour~ 10 track Full Album [96/6/09] Gackt as vocalist era. Excellent condition.

Missalina Rei:
($10) 虹色した飴玉のもたらした幸福なひと達の生誕からその顛末まで -First Press Edition 4 track Maxi Single [98/11/21] Includes Enamel slipcover (some damage), oversized 2nd photo booklet and obi.

Mr. Children:
($10) 掌/くるみ First Press Edition. 2 track Maxi Single [03.11.19] Comes in special cardboard case. Excellent condition. Very pretty.

($10) 雨のオーケストラ 3 track maxi single 2005. come's with obi.
($15) ホリゾント CD/DVD 2 Disc set. 2 tracks on CD, Mucc World Tour Extra [in USA] Otakon 2006 & "Ram's Head Live" 2 days. approx. 43 minutes.
($15) フライト CD/DVD 2 Disc set 2 tracks on one disc, Muuc in Euro 2007 on the DVD. Approx 36 minutes in length. Great condition. Includes obi.
($12) Utagoe (w/ obi) [06.8.23] Great Condition! Very min. scratches on CD.

Nakashima, Mika (NANA):
($12) Glamorous Sky 6 track Mini Album [05.8.31] Includes obi.. Very Good condition.

Orugoru (オルゴール):
($10) 妄想とレクイエム 3 track Maxi Single [00/6/28] Matina Produced. ex. Laybial, Swardix Marvelly. Includes obi.

($10) 四次元ダイバー/少年ダイバー in Great condition. 4 track maxi single. 2003. Come's with large sticker obi and adverts.

($15) Creatures (First Press Ed.) Maxi Single [99/12/22] Includes fold out cardboard case with booklet. Good condition. Some wearing on CD and case.
($10) Creatures 3 track single in slim case. Reg. Edition. Excellent condition, no scratches on CD.
($15) HILL-幻覚の雪- 1st press edition, 4 track maxi single in fold out cardboard case with obi. Excellent condition.
($12) Yuuyami Suicide 3 track single with obi(proof of purchase cut off corner). 2003.6.18 Great condition.
($15) Yuuyami Suicide CD/DVD 2 Disc set 3 tracks on one CD, Yuuyami Suicide PV on DVD, in standard DVD case. come's with booklet.
($12) SCREEN RARE (1998 in soft case) GREAT Condition! Almost NO visible wear.
($15) Agitator (FIRST PRESS) 3 track single in fold-out, cardboard case. slightly worn on corners. Comes w/ CD on one side (in sleeve), lyric booklet, and special promotion flier and 'Dictator ID Card' (not signed on back, unused).
($10) Mad Sky 2 track single in slim case. Very Good condition.

Ring & Lagna:
($12) Replace of Mind 4 track Maxi Single [99/8/10] Includes obi. Produced by Matina. Like New condition.

Sadie (サヂィ)
($60) 「黒衣の下の欲望と、苦悩の果てに視た百景の百合達」 VERY RARE First 3 track Maxi Single [06.7.26] Face Music. Excellent Condition.

($15) SAD BLOOD Rock'N'Roll 13 track Full Album [99/9/2] Includes obi. Excellent condition.
($10) ストロベリー 3 track single, no obi. Sads first tour mini catalog advert included. Good condition. Minor scratching on the CD but plays perfectly
($10) Sandy 2 track single, 1999. no obi.
($15) Babylon RARE! (17 track soft case, little worn on edges)

Sakurai, Atsushi (Buck-Tick)
($10) Sacrifice 3 track CD, 2004. Lyric sheet folds out into poster of Sakurai.

Schwein (Buck-Tick side project)
($15) Schweinstein 11 track full album by Atsushi Sakurai and Hisashi Imai of Buck-Tick. Comes with 2 booklets.

Sex Machineguns:
($8) 大漁 (with obi and sticker) Great Condition! Virtually No wear!
($10) そこに、あなたが... Great Condition! (w/ obi and sticker) minor Scratches ONLY on case!

Siame Shade:
($10) 1999 PERFECT, Like New condition! (w/ obi and calender)

Strawberry Fields:
($10) Nouvelle Parfum 10 track Full Album [91/9/30] Very Good condition.
($12) ALiBI 10 track Full Album [92/2/26] Includes booklet, soft cover and obi around cover. Excellnt, wear mostly on obi.
($10) Charme 8 track Full Album, Good condition.
($12) Soul Flower 6 track Mini Album [92/12/10] Includes soft cover and booklet attached inside. Live New condition.
($10) Dancerama 7 track Album [1990] With original bassist. Excellent condition.

TM Network:
($10) TMN Meets Disco Style 10 track Full Album [92/9/23] A Tetsuya Komuro Presentation. Released by AVEX TRAX & Dave Rodgers. Like New condition.
($10) Dress 11 track Full Album [1989年5月12日] Minor wear on CD & booklet.
($10) Colosseum II 10 track Full Album [1992年8月21日] Excellent condition.
($10) Rythum Red 11 track Full Album [1990年10月25日] Includes large poster, lyric sheet, specialized jewel case with emblem & soft slipcover case. Excellent condition; wear on slipcover.
($10) Childhood's End 11 track Full Album [1985年6月21日] Excellent condition.
($10) CAROL-A Day in a Girl's Life 1991 13 track Full Album [1988年12月09日] Includes slipcover and soft case with booklet attached inside. Good condition; wear mostly on outer cover.
($5) Twinkle Night 4 track Mini Album [1985年11月28日] Fair condition. Rust damage from staples. Staples will be replaced.

Tommy February:
($10) Magic in Your Eyes First Press Edition, Excellent condition, 4 Maxi Single [04.2.11] in special soft case.

Transtic Nerve:
($12) SHELL 1st Album, 1998. 11 tracks in special soft case.

TRAX, The (produced by YOSHIKI)
($10) Blaze Away KOREAN rock/pop group. With original members. 3 tracks. Comes with advert and obi.

Tsuchiya, Anna (ANNA inspi' NANA (Black Stones):
($12) ROSE Excellent condition, 3 track maxi single. Includes obi.
($12) LUCY Excellent condition, 3 track maxi single [07/2/07] Includes obi and special yellow sticker.

($10) BOOM 10 track Full Album [1987年10月21日]. Good condition (mostly wear on case)
($10) Panic Attack 11 track Full Album [1988年7月21日] Very Good condition; minor wear.
($10) 服部 Full Album [1989年6月1日]. Very Good condition.

($15) un Truth Very Good condition, 3 track maxi single [99/9/29] Produced by Kisaki/Matina

Viored (ヴィオレド):
($18) Chaos Excellent, Like New condition! 6 track Mini Album [06/11/9] Includes 36 page, large size photo booklet and slipcover.

With Sexy (ex. Hysteric Blame, Silver Rose, Vasalla, BLAME, Rouage):
($15) DEAR Excellent, Like New!! 3 track Maxi Single [96/11/16] Includes obi and special cloth sticker. Produced by Soliel. Slim case.
($15) UNTRUE Excellent, Like New condition. 3 track Maxi Single [96/7/7] Includes obi. Produced by Soliel. Slim case.
($15) 孤独の中で愛した君 Excellent, like New! 3 track Maxi Single [96/9/9] Includes obi, special cloth sticker & extra Live photo booklet. Produced by Soliel. Slim case.

($15) Longing~跡切れたmelody~ 2 Track Maxi Single [95/8/1] Produced by Yoshiki

Yellow Monkey, The:
($12) Triad Years: Act 1 Great condition, minor wearing on slipcover. 15 track Full Album [96.12.07] Includes extra booklet & slipcover.

Zilch(hide's American band)
($15) 321 Very good condition, sticker on back of booklet from store. Full Album [04/7/22] Includes 4 unused stickers (2 of the band, 2 that say "Zilch") and obi. Slipcover is damaged (this is an optional addition but you Must request the slipcover).

($15) ワタシ飼いの唄 First Press Addition, Excellent condition. 3 track Maxi Single [04/7/22] Soft case.

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