Jen Fukuzawa (ladyareia) wrote,
Jen Fukuzawa



Dir en grey- The Code of Vulgar[ism]

$45 obo Excellent condition, like new. 1 disc, 120min

($45) Dir en grey- The Code of Vulgar[ism] 1 disc, 120min.
($11) Anti Feminism-Blood & Destroy Europe limtd Ed. 07.6.06
($11) Hagakura/Anti Feminism issued 06.12.21 feat 3 songs by AF, 1 by Hagakure

($8) Final Fantasy-The Spirits Within English vers.

($25) Death Trance w/ signed postcard Met at Comicon06
($8) The Grudge American vers.
($6) The Eye 2 Widescreen, 2004 Can/Eng/Thai/Mand w/ Eng subs.
($8) Infection Widescreen Japanese w/Eng or Spanish subs
($8) House of Flying Daggers Widesceen Chin/Eng/French w/ Eng/French subs
($6) Koma Widescreen Chinese w/ Eng or Spanish subs. Comes w/ slipcover
($8) The Princess Blade Jap/Eng w/Eng subs
($6) Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance Korean w/Eng/Span subs Comes w/ slipcover
($6) R-Point Widescreen 2004 Korean w/ Eng/Span subs. Comes w/ slipcover
($6) The White Dragon Widescreen Chin/Eng/French w/ Eng/Fren/Portgs/Span subs

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