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VHS/VHS Box Sets

*some cross-posted to "Special Box Sets"

Machine-Ultra Box Set[HOLD]

$30 oversized, clear clamshell box w/ Full album 'Capt. Sonic Tune' and VHS.



($10) [HOLD]Indwell
13x13" box set w/ photobook, lyric/history sheet and 50minute VHS.
($8) Limelight
Very beautiful silver embozzled box w/ velvet board tape holder, lyric booklet and 36min tape featuring 6 songs.
($8) Singles
feat. 12 songs and lyric booklet.
($6ea or $20 all) Locus of Penicillin vol. 1
Oversized clamshell cases. Vol 1 feat. ライブ映像含むPV集VIDEO +CD-EXTRATRAセット; Vol. 2 feat. ライブ映像含むPV集VIDEO +CD-EXTRATRAセット; Vol. 3 feat. ライブ映像含むPV集VIDEO +CD-EXTRATRAセット; Vol. 4 feat. ライブ映像含むPV集VIDEO +CD-EXTRATRAセット.
($6ea or $25 full set) Anime Video Clips
Vol. 1-5. 5min. each.
($6) マザー・グース-
10min Video History 99.3.03
($10) Rock Opera HAMLET
86min (?) rock opera, feat. Hakuei, Chisato, O-Jiro, Gisho, Kiyoshi, Cola, etc. Comes with Scene paper and clip cover.
($6) [HOLD]In the Kingdom of the Moonlight ~Little Love Story~
Sep.30.1995. 10min video clip.
($6) [HOLD]Melody
99.3.03 10min video clip.
($6) [HOLD]TV Special vol. 1
Unsure of the length but its Very long. At least 60min.
($6) [HOLD]Video History 1996
38min, 13 video clips.

Hakuei (Penicillin/Machine/nano)
($10) True Love/ダブル ラブ ショック 9 song vhs w/ tour good sheet and interview sheet. feat. Kiyoshi, DEN, Nao & Cola.
($10) [HOLD]Visualization of Angel Trip
97.2.05 feat. Angel Trip/ D.D.T (live)/ Zeus/ Nude/ Guilty/ Lost In Heaven/ epilogue (live). Contains also lyric booklet and photo booklet.

Chisato ー千聖 (Penicillin, Acid Black Cherry, Crack6)
($12) X'mas Special Box 13x13" box set w/ oversized Calender and 2 VHSs: "Venus" and "Love~lostin the pain~" 1997.

Penicillin/Media Youth/Sleep My Dear
($8) Plactical Joke
40 minutes. 5 songs (some live, some studio versions). Comes w/ fold-out lyric page/poster.

Kuroyume 黒夢
($12) 1996 Fake Star's Circuit
Tour Document. 70min. Clamshell case.

($27) "FILM" Rising A [Mad Sky] at Nippon Budokan Live 99.9.08 concert featuring 18 songs; w/ lyric sheet, picture booklet, fine metal picture frame (2x3"?) and 97min VHS.
($20) Prototype 1998.12.09 feat. 4 Video Clips, lyric sheet and thick photo booklette.

($30) Ultra Box oversized, clear clamshell box w/ Full album 'Capt. Sonic Tune' and VHS.

($18) 朝もやの中で・・・PV Box 99.9.22 Large clamshell, sparkly box w/ lyric booklet and 20min VHS feat. 2 songs.

Malice Mizer
($35) Merveilles l'espace
1998 full concert.

Luna Sea
97.5.21 feat. With Love, Rosier, True Blue, Mother, Desire & many more. 113min. Comes w/ large fold-out poster og a prow, w/ tour schedule on the back.

($18) サバイバル
10min, with 2 versions of サバイバル song; 2.7D Animation version and Live (99.3.10 @ Tpkyp Dome) version.

En Fleur Special Video Box oversizedblack box containing 'En Fleur' 2 song single, Viedo feat. 3 songs, coin purse, small hankerchief, blk/pink large sticker (oops not shown), obi and pic postcards; 4 per member.

($7) Tour '98 Light My Fire 98.10.17 in Osaka Dome, 10.21 in Kokuritsu Yoyogi Daiichi Taiiku-kan. Full concert feat. 14 songs and tour paper.
($7) 1999 Grand Cross Conclusion Tokyo 99.8.22 Tour full concert feat. 20 songs and orange custon VHS.

Oblivion Dust
($6) "Thank You & Goodbye" 'Last Two Nights' full concert. Unsure of the original case; this is what I bought it in from Japan.

Siam Shade
($12) V5 BRIGHT yellow case, feat. 4 songs and lyric/picture sheet. 19min.


($3) Kyoko/Because of You-"As a child, Kyoko learned latin dance from Jose, a Cuban-American serviceman stationed in Japan. Years later, Kyoko travels to New York to see Jose again. After much searching, she finds Jose, only to discover that he is dying of AIDS and no longer remembers much of his past, including the time he and Kyoko spent together. His last wish is to return to Miami to be with his family, and so Kyoko agrees to drive him, hoping that somewhere along the way, he will remember her."

($5) HERO/Ying xiong-"A series of Rashomon-like flashback accounts shape the story of how oneman defeated three assassins who sought to murder the most powerfulwarlord in pre-unified China."

($3) The Vertical Ray of the Sun/Mua he chieu thang dung-Deeply moving tale of tradition, love and deception in the city of Hanoi, Vietnam. Three sisters, a brother, two husbands and a child live and loving in the supportive clan they've forged since the deaths of their parents. But there are deep secrets that are being kept that threaten to disrupt the harmony and balance of their daily existance.

($3) Beyond Hypothermia/Sip si 32 doe- There are rules every professional killer must follow to stay alive. No history. No name. No attachments. But this assassin is willing to risk it all to uncover her mysterious past and to be with the man she loves. Now, betrayal will put her in the crossfire, and the line will be drawn between her job as the deadliest assassin in Hong Kong and her dreams of a normal life.


($5) Gundam-W Japanese. Eps 13-16, 96min.Comes w/ 'A conversation w/ Character Voices, The Back Stage of GUNDAM-W vol.4' fold out page. One side has pics and interviews on one side and then Trowa Barton and Heavyarms character designs on the other.

($3) Sailor Moon-Evil Eyes English dub. 44mins w/ eps 'Cruise Blues' and 'Shutter Bugged'. Hard clamshell box.

($3) IRIA-Zeiram the Animation -Eps. 5 & 6. Japanese w/ English subs

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