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Tour Goods/Misc

***GuruGuru***RISE***SHOCK EDGE 2001***Anti-feminism***Penicillin***Machine***Kisaki***Pierrot***Kirito***Angelo***Raphael***Sugizo & The Spank Your Juice***La'cryma Christi***Gackt***Aliene Ma'riage***ヴィドール***12012***Phantasmagoria/Vidoll***Lareine***Due'le Quartz/Miyavi***BLAST***Phobia***Vizell***Vanilla***Psychelo le Cemu***Kisaki/Tenten***Eze:qul***Transtic Nerve***Madeth gray'll***MATINA***Ladies Room***Dragon Ash***D&L***

***Stickers***Keychains***Photosets***Trading Cards***Postcards***



OLD glossy 5 pic Photoset

GuruGuru Photo Set
($2 per) featuring Mucc, Jakura, Baroque, Vanilla, Waive & Blast. printed messages and drawings from band on back, glossy pics on front.

($1) postcard of cover of Rise magazine (Kisaki, Kenzi, etc). Supposed to go w/ magazine? Maybe. Got is randomly, not with.

($4) 9x11 sheet of clear stickers, names of bands such as Phobia, Mucc, Kagerou, S, Psycho le Cemu, etc.

($5) 3x5 glossy live pics photoset of 6, old.
($2) blk/wht flip book, uncut.
($2) 四次元ダイバー/少年ダイバー color sticker
(50c ea) large round Fanclub only stickers
(50c ea) cartoon band stickers, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue
($2) set of 4 postcard each member, b/w, slightly worn or stained. Cut.
($5) uncut sticker sheet
(50c each) various trading cards #'s 1-12 (missing pic of one Chisato)
($1ea) character keychains: Gisho, Chisato
(75c ea) individual 3x5 member cards: Gisho, O-Jiro
($1ea) misc band stickers #1, #2, #3
($2) set of 6 small sticker/labels (1 pic per member+all+one for you). Chisato slightly stained. Now cut.
($5) small orange and blue Mad Men Tour shirt, baseball style
($2) black pencil board with band name
($6) color band pic pencil board, 2 sided, OLD pics FRONT side, BACK side.
($4) Misc. stickers, cut. Various sizes.

($4) fan-made Stationary from Japan. 8 sheets.

Kuroyume 黒夢
($2) 4x6 sticker sheet-1 of the members and 2 of the band name

($3) small sheet of FREEZE mini stickers (16 total)
($3) square, sepia band pic card, lyrics on back (came from cd???)
($6) Official FOLLOWERS 2004 Fanclub bookmark. heavy, dark metal bar on black cord. Comes with black draw-string velvet pouch w/ white symbol.
($5) Dictators Circus VI red 3-way, fold out mirror.
($3) small 'The Despair of [Rose Color] Your 2003 tin
($2) Prototype sticker-individual cut but mounted together
($5) FOLLOWERS 2000.7.23 blue landyard, never used

(75c ea) 3 style bought pics (tour good, NOT concert caught): blk/wht/red. Holes on top for stringing.
($2) Temporary Decision clear keychain
($2) yellow clear cube keychain
($2) robot keychain
($2) Existance Proof Tour 2006 crown keychain: yellow, blue
($2) Existance Proof Tour 2006 dragon pin: red, olive

($2) Broken World After the Heaven circle/screen buffer keychain
($2) Broken World After the Heaven white bar keychain

($1) Merry Christmas postcard

($3) blue pic square postcard, Dears

Aliene Ma'riage
($2) 3 pic photoset

ヴィドール (Vidoll)
($5) 5x7 glossy photo, w/ old members (Hide/Yukine)
($4)Like an Edison shoot, square sticker (w/ Yukine and Hide)
($3) ヴィドール in black on red sticker, still on Matina label.
($4) early band sticker, Under Code label era #1, #2
($1 ea) Rame #1, Rame #2, Tero #1, Yukine #1, Yukine #2, Yukine #3, Yukine #4, Yukine #5, Yukine #6, Yukine #7
($4) RARE old visual trading card, Matina era

($11) glossy PLAYDOLLS photoset
($2) Wataru trading card, PLAYDOLLS era FREE if you purchase the PLAYDOLLS CD/DVD!!!

($4) 2006.3.22 Osaka Big Cat promo sticker 4x6
($4) Pleasure of Destruction (w/ Serpent etc) full bands pic sticker

($2) 3x5 glossy group photo

($1.50) 妄想の虜 CD sticker, square
($1.50) 楓 (Kaede-bass) trading card, stats and message on back

($1) purple CD sticker, square
($1) band & art postcards #1, #2
($2) 3x5 glossy band photo

($11) OLD glossy 5 pic Photoset

($1) CUTE bear Nerve Records promo sticker, live info on back
($2) band pic glossy 3x5 photo

($4) rare trading card

Transtic Nerve
($1) blk/white symbol/name sticker

Madeth gray'll
($6) RARE 5 trading card/sticker pic set

($75c) 2 rectangular stickers w/ band name and artwork

Dragon Ash
($2) Fantasista character stickers

($1) blk/wht symbol sticker

($1) blk/wht BIRDMAN sticker

***NEW*** Discounted CDs/VHS/Mags/fliers/Free Stuff/etc. shipped from Japan***NEW***

Shipped from Japan:

Albums/Singles/8cm CDs ~~~ VHS ~~~ Magazines ~~~ Band Photo Books ~~~ Tour Goods/Stickers/Picks ~~~ Character Plushies ~~~ Collectibles

Shipped from California:
DVDs ~~~ VHS/VHS Box Sets ~~~ Tour Goods ~~~ Posters & Fliers ~~~ Magazines ~~~ 8cm CD singles ~~~ CDs ~~~ Demo/Message Tapes ~~~ Message/Demo Discs ~~~ Score/Fanclub/Tour Books ~~~ Misc
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