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    And the Boys Go Drinking: COMPLETE
    Summary: Rame felt Tero's hand rest apon his hip, that familar body pressed against his, and he knew, even threw his drunken haze, that after this night, nothing would ever be the same again....
    One-shot: 01


Breaking the Ice: In Progress
TsunehitoxHiroki, RuizaxHidezou


You're The One That I Want: Completed
Summary:"You don't know what Tsukasa dressed as?" Shunsuke shrugged his shoulders. "No, he told me it was a surprise." Tero's grin widdened as he pointed father down the hall...


    Getting Into the Spirit: Completed
    Miyavi(solo)xTaka(random roadie??)
    Summary:Miyavi turned his gaze toward the other man, eyes half lidded and dark, filled with something Taka could not readily identify. "Just... how much do you enjoy my music?"
    One-Shot: Getting Into the Spirit

Multiple Bands

PenicillinxLuna Sea

: In Progress
Summary:Sugizo set his glass down on the table with a soft sigh, a small smile on his lips. "I appriciate beauty, in many ways..."


Children of the Dead: In Progress

Dir en GreyxMiyavi(solo)

Finding Balance: In Progress
KaoruxMiyavi +++
Summary: Miyavi's head tilted this way and that, finally settling on a point above him, slightly to his right. A smile crept onto his face. Kyo followed his gaze and could have sworn it ended at them. Even more perplexing, it seemed as if a trace of a blush could be seen on his neighbor's face, even under all the heavy stage makeup Kaoru still wore.

Alice NinexGazette

Desire: Complete
Alice Nine, Gazette
Tora x Reita
Summary: Dark eyes, narrowed with intent, stared through the crowds at the blonde man on stage, his body swaying violently with the fast-paced music blaring around them.....


Something More than Friends:Comming Soon

Hard R
Summary: "I know things look tough right now," Kanoma said, carefully sitting close to his long-time friend. "But you and I both knownthings will get better." He placed a hand lightly over Kamijo's balled fists. "Just remember, I'm always here for you, no matter what."


Children of the Night: On Hiatus
Gackt x Hyde, mentions of Tetsu x Ken
Summary: Gackt's eye had been fixated on Hyde to play Kei for so long.. and now was his chance to pounce.

PSC Carnival Tour

Peace and Smile: Not Yet Typed Up
Miyavi, Alice Nine, Kagrra, Kra, The Gazette
ReitaxIishixRuki, ShouxSagaXHiroto, YasunoxMiyavi, ShinxNao(Kagrra), IzumixNao(A9), AkiyaxTora, KeiyuuxMai, YuraxKai, AoixUruha

Under Code

Experimental Days: Not Yet Typed up
12012, Phantasmagoria, Arc, Dari, KodomoA, Vidoll
KisakixJun, WataruxTooru, YuusukexTomo, ToshiyaxCell, RamexTero ++++

Dir en greyxPhantasmagoria(Under Code)

When Worlds Collide: In Progress
Dir en Grey, Undercode Productions (Phantasmagoria, 12012, Siva, Vidoll, ect.), D
Toshiya x Kisaki, Ruiza x Asagi + ?
Summary: When Toshiya looked down into those deep, black orbs, he knew, no matter the consequences, he could not resist him....


New Beginnings: Complete For Part 2, see Twisted Harmony
Kirito (ex. Pierrot), Bou (An Cafe), Hakuei (Penicillin), Tsukasa (D'espairsRay), Kisaki (Phantasmagoria), Rose (ex TRAX), Kiyoharu (SADS), Hide (ex X), Toshiya (Dir en Grey), Yoshiki (ex X), Tora (Alice Nine)...... x random
Summary:A bar, old friends, new friends, new loves, old loves, a fight, make-up, break-ups and a New Beginning.

Twisted Harmony: In Progress
Kirito (ex. Pierrot), Bou (An Cafe), Hakuei (Penicillin), Tsukasa (D'espairsRay), Kisaki (Phantasmagoria), Rose (ex TRAX), Kiyoharu (SADS), Hide (ex X), Toshiya (Dir en Grey), Yoshiki (ex X), Tora (Alice Nine)...... x random
Summary:The summer winds down and the young men must make hard choices about their futures; to follow their minds, or to follow their dreams...

Future Projects

In the Dead of Night: Typing in Progress
Asagi (D), Zero (D'espairsRay), Hizumi (D'espairsRay), Natsuki (OZ), Yoshiki (ex. X), Kamijo (Lareine), Yura-sama (ex. Psycho le Cemu) +++++.....
Summary:So, what would you do if you're a retired vampire hunter and one day a vampire and a demon show up at your door... asking for your help?

Survivors: Not Yet Written
Character List Yet to Be Determined
Summary: This is mostly D's fault for planting the seed in my head. If you all remember The Stand my Stephen King, this is it, only with jrockers. I hope it turns out ok... but we'll see.

Battle Royale: Not Yet Written
Hard R
Character List Yet to Be Determined
Summary: For those of you familar with the Battle Royale movies, this is pretty much taking the first movie, changing a couple of minor things (adding a few.. surprises), and turning the characters into familar household jrockers. >.>;
Tags: fanfic archive, jrock
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