April 15th, 2012

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Clearing out more dolls and stock clothing. UPDATED 2012.5.7

UPDATE- 2012.5.07: All packages are going out today and tomorrow. Thank you for your patience over the Golden Week holiday. If you have not received your tracking number (if ordered) after tomorrow, please email me and I will make sure I have sent the email with the tracking number. Thank you!

Sorry I have been away for a few days, everyone. I've been real sick these past three days, so I apologize for the slow responses. Please be patient while I get to everyone. Thank you

IMPORTANT UPDATE!! all of the items have been updated with the first requesters. I WILL BE HOLDING ITEMS FOR ONLY 24 HOURS MORE! If I have not had a decimate purchase from you before that time is up, I have to move to the next person in line.

To the person sending me emails about the Taeyang bodies: Your email account has been bouncing back all of your messages every time I try to respond. I cannot email you. Either use a different email (but include the original email name) or comment here. I cannot sell if I cannot get information from and to you. This is why I put the item back up for sale.

ADDED MORE PRICES! All still OBO but this gives you an idea of around what I'm looking for.

If you want to speak privately, feel free to email ( chyuko.rock @ gmail . com )
All shipping from Japan. Please provide your country and state (if applicable) for shipping quotes.
Gmail eats comments and messages sometimes, or they get accidentally skipped. If you think I have missed yours, go ahead and resend or let me know.
I ship Mondays and Fridays. You can see your status HERE.
I take PayPal in Japanese yen only.
Not looking to trade unless for MSD items (especially wigs or unique items/heads/etc).

All items MAKE OFFER ( or ask on several). Some may have suggested prices.
Nit willing to break up full sets unless there are buyers for all pieces.

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