March 24th, 2008

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Going to be posting a series of posts that I want to link to my selling post, so you can igore these if you want ^___^

And no, Im not dead
Mived to LA w/ a friend
wrecked our car
Manage a japanese rock band, GHOST TOWNE (
got kidney stones
went to the hospital
got gallbladder stones
went to the hospital
had surgery
my grandfather died
moving again
trying to sell off a bunch of my jrock things to help cover expenses incured because of damned medical bills and missed work

so... yeah
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***Luna Sea***J***Gackt***Yoshiki***hide***Penicillin***Buck-Tick***Psycho le Cemu***Shazna***清春(Kiyoharu)***Sads***Janne da Arc***Sophia***Fanatic Crisis***Zi:Kill***King SHow***Sweet Jam***SHOXX Artist Box***Rise***W-inds***Siam Shade***The Gazette***Pierrot***Bump Chicken***Uverworld***L'Arc~en~Ciel***Glay***Orange Range***Surface***黒夢(Kuroyume)***La'cryma christi***Nega***Phantasmagoria***12012***Vidoll***Kagerou***Sadie***NOIZ
***Ayabie***Megamaso***An Cafe***Arc***KodomoA***Artist Society***Deflina Ma'riage***D***bis***Under Code Production***D'espairsRay***Mix Speaker's Inc.***Dir en grey***

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8cm Cds RARE

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***Glay***B'z***Puffy***SMAP***Kinki Kids***La'cryma Christi***
***V6***Mr. Children***Globe***米米(Kome Kome)Club
***Pierrot***黒夢(Kuroyume)***T.M.R.***Sugizo***Luna Sea***
***Shazna***R***L'Arc~en~Ciel***Shoko Kitano***Kyosuke Himuro
***Buck-Tick***X Japan*** Neil***Chisato***Hakuei***Penicillin
***808***Dir en Grey***and more...

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***Glay***Penicillin***Yoshiki***Hakuei***Malice Mizer***Pierrot*** ***Dir en grey***Luna Sea***hide***Shazna***X Japan***Under Code***Phantasmagoria***12012***Artistic in Black*** A Basement Melody***

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($15) Hamlet~a Rock Opera

($15) A Prayer book and CD and hard slip cover

Malice Mizer-

($25) ma Cherie (w/ CD)

($40) Heaven (w/ CD)

HIDE with Spread Beaver-
($30) Psyence A Go Go (photobook)

Luna Sea-
($50) BLACK BOX (set of 6 photobooks)

Kagen no Tsuki
(movie photobook)

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Under Code ($12ea or all for $30)
Osaka Bayside Jenny 05.11.03 volumes #1, #2 and #3

Kisaki ($12) A Basement Melody III w/ DVD
($12) Artistic in Black 2 w/ TenTen
($12) Artistic in Black 3 w/ Makoto
Phantasmagoria ($12) 1st

($6) Tomodoi
($6) Missing You
($6) Global Communication
($6) Beloved
($6) 幸せになる、その時に
($6) ひとひらの自由
($6) 逢いたい気持ち

($8) CRASH
($12) Earth
($15) HAMLET-A Rock Opera Document, Cd, Scorebook.

($6) White Silent Night/das Spiel/Shelly
($6) すみれSeptember Love/C'est la vie/Melty Love
($3) Melty Love

Ryuichi Kawamura
($8) My Piano Stories Play on the Piano for 12 Album songs and 3 Piano solos from singles.

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