Christmas discounts on Jrock merchant, Dolls

The holiday season is in full gear!
Starting next week, we will be discounting a ton more items!
More cheap Jrock grab bags, discounted magazines and books, Buy 1 Get 1 Free CDs.
Plus new, hand painted Japanese dolls, discounted clothing and more! Stay tuned until then!
Feel free to email ( for further details.

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Major Pullip cleaning put sale!!

UPDATE 2011/12/06 To Everyone Who's Packages Were Supposed To Ship Today: My bicycle was stolen today so on my lunch I will have to go to the shop and purchase a new one (this is the fourth time in three years, btw!!). I will have the remaining packages out tomorrow morning ASAP, since the post offices will be closed by the time I get off of work this evening. I'm sorry for the delay, but it is not something I could avoid. Thank you for the understanding.

Clearing out a large portion of my Pullip and friends dolls. Heads, bodies, stock, rement, wigs, etc.
Prices are set but feel free to make reasonable offers.
I ship from Japan, only accept Japanese yen through Paypal (no echecks).
If you want to message me, please email at :

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Taeyang and NamuCollapse )

Pullip, Taeyang, Namu Heads- stock, custom and baitCollapse )

Little Pullip heads, Volks heads, Obitsu head, mini bodyCollapse )

Not looking to trade unless it is for BJD items.

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Magazines, Photo Books, Score Books, FC Books, CDs
UPDATE 2011.10.12: Added CDs!!

My apologies if you did not hear from us when posting a comment on our last post. We just realized that the comments were not getting to us. Here, now,llong list of items we have for sale. We really just want everything gone. Some items may have wear and tear, but any major damage will be mentioned. We realize that the pictures re not the best, so all better pictures and original prices (as well as more detailed descriptions), are all available on our website, Merchandise page:

Books- Magazines - FC Books - Photo Books - Japanese Fashion - Score Book

All "FREE!" items only pay shipping. 
All Magazines 115¥, buy 5 get the 6th FREE!
All CDs 150y unless otherwise marked.
Everything else individually marked.

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Books- Magazines - FC Books - Photo Books - Japanese Fashion - Score BookCollapse )

If you are interested in Japanese dolls, I also have a number of Pullips (stock and Custom) for sale, as well as handmade clothing on our feed.

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Nomado, Rida, Taeyang, Nam, Minis and more!
Hello again!
It has been a few weeks since my last post, but I have a bunch of dolls I need to sell.
I will also have more Re-ment and clothing for sale soon.
For now, here are the dolls and item I have for sale.
Please feel free to check my other posts for items that are still available.
See below for additional information.
Please remember that I can only accept Japanese yen, to which Paypal will easily convert for you if you choose to send payment as Japanese yen.

All pictures are thumbnails. Please click on the small thumbnail for larger, Photobucket, images


PULLIPS- Custom Nomado, Stock Nomado, NRFB Rida, RARE Bouquet
TAEYANG- Sage, Custom Horizon, Stock Horizon, Sebastian
NAMU- Wolf
MINI PULLIPS- Noir, Principessa, Assa, Raphia, Purezza vr.1, Purezza vr.2, Aloha

Please feel free to also email me at any time
Please NO LJ PMs

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TaeyangsCollapse )

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Clothing and Rement items coming soon!

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EOS x Angelic Pretty, Nah-ato custom X Japan Namu, custom Horizon and more!
Make Offer
Please click on small pictures for larger versions!

Added 2 AP pullips, custom Horizon, Full custom Sage, HIDE of X Japan custom Namu (Serepant), Little Pullip Raphia NRFB


EOS and Nah-ato Angelic Pretty,Horizon custom h.naoto Collapse )

Slight custom HIDE of X Japan NamuCollapse )

Pullips - UncanrickyCollapse )

Taeyang - ButlerCollapse )

Mini Pullips- NRFB Noir, NRFB Principessa, Moon, NRFB RaphiaCollapse )

Custom PullipsCollapse )

Custom TaeyangsCollapse )

New Handmade DressesCollapse )

Will be adding some other clothing and rement items later.
My apologies if my responses are slow, as I work 6 days a week.
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